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Great Living Room Design and Planning

Great Living Room Design and Planning – Your living room design and planning are most important as you and your family spends a good amount of time here catching up with each other, unwinding, watch some television, entertaining friends. So planning the perfect décor and setting the mood and atmosphere right is what is essential and you‘ll be glad you did put in the necessary efforts.

Beautiful Interior Design Lounge Room

Beautiful Interior Design Lounge Room

Planning and setting up
First things first, before planning to do up your living room, have a good understanding of its design and it’s laid out, this will give you an idea of the dos and don’ts leaving little scope for any slip – ups.

What is the usage of the room, how much time do you and your family actually spends in here? Is the time spent in the dining area and kitchen more than the living room? If this is the case, then you need not indulge much in terms of décor for your living area.
What is it mostly used for- is it more of a television watching area or space where the entire family gathers to relax and unwind.
How do you like it planned, do you want it to be a quite no-nonsense space with no television and music and just want it for family, friends, and visitors for a weekend get together and some small partying?
Designing your living room
Few design ideas to consider while doing up your living room.

Focal point
Have a central focal point in your living room like the fire place, a beautiful wall hanging, an interesting center table and work around this space to furnish the living area. This gives you an interesting theme and base to do up the place with a central focus and attention. Work on the couches and sofas from here with matching or contrasting colors and try and create a balance for the entire room. Ensure that you don’t have more than one focal points, this will create an imbalance and draws attention away from the main central theme. Key is planning around the focal point and drawing attention, rest of the décor should only enhance it and not dominate it. A focal point need not necessarily be restricted to functional objects like the fireplace or the TV, it could be a window with a great view or a wonderful picture of yours.

Incredible Sitting Room Ideas Interior Design

Incredible Sitting Room Ideas Interior Design

This is the most important features of living room décor; draw upon how many of you usually spend time here, depending on this plan the number of couches and chairs that go around the focal point. Do not clutter the seating area with too much of furniture, have room to move around without hassle.

Have the colors of the sofa and chairs that go with the wall color schemes and those that harmonize with the focal point. If the room is smaller, take in lesser manageable furniture.

Having lamps on either side of the couch or wall lamps that illuminate a picture are ideas you can add in to enhance the feel of your living room.

Other accessories
Accessorize your living room with ornamental plants, souvenirs from places you have visited if you are an extensive traveler or with pictures of your family adding your own personal touch to your living room.

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